sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Sueños de mariposa

acuarela 30x42 cm

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Rubén dijo...

Con respecto a tu pregunta, por lo general uso grafito desde 2H a 4B, carboncillo y tinta china. Un poco de paciencia y "ver" lo mejor posible los modelos.

renate dijo...

Hello Beatriz:) This I love!! So beautiful colors, they make me happy. I love the pink hair and all the butterflys. I love the title too! And upbove all: it's so original. Love it, love it!!

Rita Vaselli dijo...

Hello, Beti! Welcome to my blog! I come now to visit you !
I like your watercolors where you, with freedom of color, along with forms, writing poetry!

Joke van de Klift dijo...

Hello Beatriz,

Thank you for your visit and reaction on my blog.
I like your aquarellen so much, they are verry nice, but i find it sehr diffecult to make this!
But i try it.

Lovely greeting,