sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

In the style of old masters

Acuarela 17x23 cm

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renate dijo...

Hello Beatriz:) Congratulations with this painting. I know how difficult it was to do with watercolor (at least I thought it was).
You did a great job. I love the silver goblet and the reds of the apples are popping out. Lovely!
Have a nice sunday:)

Mercedes Ares dijo...

Hola Beatriz. Felicitaciones por esta acuarela, donde el colorido y las formas se destacan notablemente. Saludos

Olivier Violin dijo...

Bonjour Beatriz. Quelle belle composition. Les lumières et les reflets sont vraiment très beaux!

Jane dijo...

Bella composizione, mi piace molto !