jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Juntos en la bandeja de alimentos

Acuarela 17x23 cm
Referencia de una  de las hermosas imagenes fotografiadas en  http://aquarellenvanjoke.blogspot.com.ar/

9 comentarios:

Laura Moore dijo...

Beautiful work.

Mercedes Ares dijo...

Hola Beatriz. Felicitaciones por tu obra, tienes mucho talento para pintar tan reales todos los animalitos. Slaudos

Isabelle dijo...

felicitations pour cette belle palette de couleurs

Joke van de Klift dijo...

Hoy Beatriz,
Thank you for your reaction on my blog.I have seen the aquarel of yours, its very nice!!!
I find aquarel verry difecult, I will try, Sorry Beatriz, my englisch is not verry well, but maby you can understand me? i hoop so.

Lovely greeting, Joke

Joke van de Klift dijo...

Hi Beatriz,
I can't open automatic your blog, on this adres, http://chancharenga.blogspot.com/ Your blog is'nt actief. But via Google have i open your blog.
Maybe you can activetert? Ik hoop so.

Lovely greeting, Joke

Janina B. dijo...

Wnnderschön gemalt. Die Farben sehr treffend;-)

renate dijo...

Dear Beatriz:) With every painting I'm more amazed!! This one is so, so more beautiful. No, it's more than beautiful. It's just perfect. Love the way you painted them, very realistic but still loose. Great art!! Have a nice weekend:)

Joke van de Klift dijo...

Dear Beatriz,
Yesterdayevening, i was thinking about your aquarel, i thougt, i have seen this before, and then i know what i have seen. It was a picture of myn. I am verry proud that you have panting one of my picture. Before i have not understand you, i am so happy, its beautiful. And thanks for your activeted on your blog, now it is eazy, to open your blog! I'l try also this picture paint in watercollers. And thanks for your reaction!!!

Lovely greeting and have a nice weekend, Joke

Sharon Whitley dijo...

beautiful - I love birds - my favourite subject to paint